Residents & Family at Oakmont's Retirement Community in Folsom

How Luxury Retirement Communities Are Improving the Way Seniors Retire

Baby Boomers ushered in a whole new idea of what it means to retire and enjoy one’s golden years. Not too long ago, retirement communities were sterile, unwelcoming environments, but wow, have things changed! Today’s seniors are afforded luxury living right within their very own communities. They’re able to make friends, learn new activities, and live life on their own terms. Retirees now have luxurious services and amenities that are on par with what can be found on a cruise ship 24 hours-a-day.

Let’s take a look at the ways luxury retirement communities are improving retirement.

It Starts With the Definition of a Home

At Oakmont of Folsom, we’re proud to offer a variety of floor plans that cater to the needs of our residents. Our wide variety of floor plans ensure that residents can enjoy their privacy, while our common areas provide ample opportunities for socializing. Some of our beautiful apartment homes also enable residents to cohabitate if a higher level of social interaction is desired.

By having one’s own space, our residents can make their apartments feel like home, putting out pictures, decorating, and making the space their own.

The Enjoyment of Fine Dining

Mealtime has been a communal pleasure for social enjoyment throughout generations. Luxury retirement communities elevate the dining experience with executive chefs who share their passions for food with the residents. Each meal becomes a fine-dining experience, where people can interact with their friends and share their stories over mouth-watering dishes.

The Invaluable Nature of a Chauffeur Service

While it’s not uncommon for seniors to stop driving, they still have things they need to get done. At Oakmont of Folsom, we provide secure transportation that enables residents to pick up prescriptions, enjoy local attractions, and make daily errands easier to accomplish.

24-Hour, Seven-Day-A-Week Assistance

Accidents can happen at any time of the day; that’s why they’re called accidents. Sometimes, it seems they only happen when nobody is around to help, but in our luxury retirement community, you won’t have this worry. With staff available all day, every day, you can rest easy knowing your or your loved one is well cared-for.

Ongoing Continuum Care Plans

When you’re a resident of a community that offers a continuum of care program, you have people who are always looking after your best interest. You’ll get to know the staff by name, and they will know you, your medical history, and preferences. Should you need more care at any point, our team will be there to guide you through the process. Levels of care can be increased or decreased while keeping you at the community you’re familiar with and have grown to love.

If you’re looking for a luxury retirement community in Folsom, CA, look no further! The staff at Oakmont of Folsom will be happy to show you around. Simply schedule an appointment that fits your schedule. We look forward to meeting with you and answering your questions!