Memory Care Folsom, Early Signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

All too many times family members write-off early warning signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia as typical age-related changes to behavior or cognitive function. Too often families do not look into a memory care community for their loved one or family member until an event has occurred that put the aging senior in danger. These events have included the family member wandering off, [...]

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Sac & Co.

When it comes to Thanksgiving there are some traditions you just don't mess with. From the turkey, to the pumpkin pie it can be hard to give up those meal items that we've come to know and love, but what about making those traditions taste the same, with a little healthier twist? After winning three [...]

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Comstock’s Magazine

If you’re trying to prepare for a tsunami, emergency assistance groups will advise you to make ready in three ways: Know your evacuation routes, put together an emergency kit, develop a family communication plan. But if you’re trying to prepare for the silver tsunami, the wave of retirement-age workers eyeing the office exit, well, that’s [...]

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The Folsom Telegraph

Oakmont Senior Living, a Santa Rosa-based developer of resort senior communities, recently broke ground on two luxury retirement communities in Folsom and Carmichael offering assisted living and memory care services. Construction on Oakmont of Folsom and Oakmont of Carmichael began fall 2013, and are expected to be completed this summer. The two-story communities will help [...]

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Sacramento Business Journal

With a waiting list for its first senior living center in Roseville, Santa Rosa-based Oakmont Senior Living plans to build centers in Carmichael and Folsom as well. The 60,000-square-foot Folsom site, at 1574 Creekside Drive, will have 47 assisted living and 19 memory care apartments. Oakmont of Carmichael, at 4717 Engle Road, will have 73,000 square feet [...]

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Sac & Co

For many of those who take on cooking as a passion in life, the inspiration to cook started when they were young and can hold a sense of nostalgia for some. That is the case of accomplished Executive Chef and Food Network Champion, Rina Younan. Cooking with her father inspired her to chase a dream [...]

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